Welcome, Aias industrial filters

Aias assures a range of benefits such as guaranteed compliance with required quality standards, production flexibility and cost effective production. The know-how acquired in all our years of experience means that we are capable of applying all the most suitable methods to assure total reliability for the end clients.

The company also works to customer specifications in the production of quality products, whether it be in mass production or more limited product output, paying the greatest attention to material selection, without jeopardizing the guaranteed reliability.
Thanks to all our know-how acquired through the years, we are capable of using the most suitable methods and procedures to assure complete customer satisfaction.
All our experience acquired through the years means that we are able to provide an excellent consultancy service relating to filtration problems.
A special feature of the company is that all the processing stages are undertaken in-house, from the sheeting pressing, the folding of the filtering materials, the welding and spot welding of the metal parts as well as a host of related operations.