Welcome, Aias industrial filters

Our company has always been particularly careful to the evolution of filter materials, as it knows that the results mainly depend on the selection of the most suitable filtering media. This selection allows us to supply our customers with the most appropriate product, perfectly meeting their technical and saving expectations.
In cooperation with vendors, our company checks the materials to be absolutely suitable for their intended use on the various applications that the modern filtration science involves.

Filtering papers of different types from the best producers are widely used for various applications (as air, oil, fuels), as well as for the different typologies of resining process, either with “pre-annealing” or with annealing after-folding operation.
Wire meshing,gauze
Various types of wire meshing and gauzes are used (reps, stainless steel, etc.) with a wide filtering range to meet the customers’ requirements.
Synthetic fibres
Fibreglass or absolute filtration are used for special applications. Moreover, some special synthetic fibres are used as polyesters, microfibres, Pet, Pp, GoreTex, Ptfe, Peek, etc., which permit to face even very severe conditions as high filtration degrees even with high permeability, filtering at high temperatures or of aggressive fluids.
The above-mentioned aspects are also applicable to the selection of compound materials required for manufacturing of various components as galvanized metal or stainless steel parts, plastics, sizing agents, seals, etc.