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Vacuum filters

Aias proposes a whole range of vacuum filters that perfectly comply with the technical-constructive standards of the main production companies in the field. Such elements have been specifically developed to assure operation in almost absolute vacuum conditions; each element is individually tested to check the precise vacuum sealing potential of all the parts.
The filter cartridges placed inside the metallic casings are interchangeable with those normally used in the sector. They can be supplied with different filtering media according to filtering needs. Customized production is also possible, to customer specifications.

Particular attention is given to the choice of top quality material to assure long lasting product duration through time. The cartridges can be fitted with different filtering materials such as cellulose, certified polyesters of various types, metal wire meshing, microfibres and activated carbon. Special versions can also be made in stainless steel.
These filters may be used in any field where an optimal air filtering is required on machinery. Owing to the great experience acquired in this field, we can assure the solution of any problems of our customers about the matter.
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